Click on the picture to go to a web which has a huge variety of lessons about the human body and more things...

Click on the picture to learn about our senses and the brain...

Watch these videos to understand how your ear works:

Here are some of the things we are doing about the body: I have chosen just a few to put on the blog, those that I felt were coloured better and with more effort made to produce them.

Thank you to Scholastic Books for their worksheets. They're great!
Click on the picture to go to this web page by the BBC, where you can find out more information about  our bodies...


Watch this video which explains what happens to the food we eat:

This one is more realistic - don't watch it if you're squeamish!

Go to these links to find out more about the body and its systems:

Interactive digestion

Click on the picture to go to a page which will help you understand the digestive system...

Here is a Digestion Tie we made in class - maybe your Dad can wear it to work one day!


Here are some videos for my 6th year students studying science in English. We are just about to start Unit 2 which is about Breathing and Circulation. I know it seems really difficult, but if you watch this video it will make it easier for you to understand!

Watch these videos to help you study for the next science exam!

Here is a 'chest vest' for showing us how the respiratory system works. It can also be found in Scholastic's 'Adorable Wearables' book.


Heartbeat Animation
Click here to do a mini web quest about circulation! Click here to find out more about your heart. Here is a video which explains how we can have a heart attack:


 Here is a rap to help you learn about the heart:



And now see if you can do this quiz!


Now watch this presentation to see how the heart works...

Cardiovascular system Go to this link to learn more

Heart Anatomy

Click on these links to see how the heart works:    Visual exploration of heart Beating heart with blood flow

Look at these cute little men we did in 6th year Science. The idea is from Scholastic's Science Project Book. This is a selection of the most colourful ones and as you can see they are all different. Each child personally selected the information they wanted to include on their man/woman and it helped them to revise for the exam.



Click on the picture to find a game to help you learn the bones in English!

Click on this picture to go to another web page where you can study your bones!


Play this game to understand more


Click on the pictures to go to a page which shows you how the baby grows inside the mother.

Watch this video to see how the embryo changes to a fetus and grows inside a pregnant woman...

 Here is a video by Juan and Alex about sexual reproduction:


  1. Helo i am David and i like the blog a lot because it helps me studing

    1. Good, I'm so glad you're using it to study, because that makes it all worthwhile.


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