Discover more about rocks here!

Play this interactive game to help identify rocks

Transform the rocks

Learn all about Rocks with Bill Nye.

Here is a cartoon which you can watch to learn more

And watch this video to learn more.

Watch these videos about volcanoes

If you like music listen to these songs to help you learn

Learn about the three main types of rocks here

Look at these great 3D volcanoes 5B did!

Here is a photo of the volcano we used in class to do an experiment. It's made of flour, water and salt and has a plastic bottle incorporated so that you can add liquids. We put some coloured water in the bottle, then added a few drops of washing up liquid and two tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda. Finally we added some vinegar. It really started to fizz and then erupted just like a real volcano! Why don't you try making one?

And just look at this video of molten lava. Isn't it amazing how it sounds?

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