Watch this video to understand more about ecosystems:

Click on the pictures to go to web sites which explain ecosystems and give you information which we´ll talk about in class:

Watch this video to understand more about vertebrates and invertebrates:

Click on the cell to go to a quiz and see how much you know:

Watch this video to learn about cells:

Living Things on PhotoPeach


Click on the picture to go the Royal Botanical Garden page and solve a mystery using your knowledge about plants...

Watch this video to help you understand the differences between angiosperms and gymnosperms.

Click on the picture to go to a video explaining what angiosperms are:

And this one explains gymnosperms:

Watch this video to find out more about Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis from Tim Renz on Vimeo.

Oscar told us about carnivorous plants and how they trap and eat insects. Watch this short video to see how they do it. Don't worry, in y class I haven't got any YET!

Look at this forest of Photosynthesis Trees my 5th years made! They are made with A4 card and the children drew pictures of the process of photosynthesis and wrote definitions on them. It's a fun way of helping them revise for their Science exam. Hope you like them!

Here is the template you need to make them. You need two and on one you cut up through the centre to the second black dot, and on the other you cut down to the bottom black dot. Students can decorate them with illustrations and text to explain Photosynthesis. (25 Totally Terrific Science Projects, Michael Gravois)

Click on the picture to investigate plants and solve a mystery!


Pollination - OUP science animation from Tim Ruffle on Vimeo.

Here you can see how cress grows!

Click here to find out more information about plants


Here is a video showing different types of cells for my 5th year classes. Hope you like it and that it helps you to understand the different forms and shapes they can be!

Go to these links to find out more about cells:

The Cell

Basic information about cells and microscopic images.3 points

Cells Alive!

A highly visual website with interactive cell diagrams.2 points Cell Structure

Includes quizzes about cells and organelles.1 point

Inside a Cell

An awesome interactive 3D cell diagram with audio.1 point

Cell (biology) - Wikipedia

Detailed iformation about plant and animal cells.1 point Cells

Free printable cell diagrams.1 point

MICROBES Click on the picture to go to a web page where you can find out more about microbes...


Watch this video to understand how we classify animals

Click on the picture to play a game about classifying animals:


Watch this video to learn all about habitats:

Fresh water habitats Habitat Animals video for... por luxuryxxx11


Click on the picture to learn more about endangered ecosystems:


Have you ever wondered how sharks reproduce? Daniela told us how they reproduce in different ways according to their species. Watch this video to understand more.

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