Click on the picture to go to a page with various guides for parents and teachers about problems we can come across with students/children:

Click on the picture to go to some videos to help you show your children the dangers of internet:

Click on the picture to go to an article about what to do when children fight and argue...

Go to this link to find 12 books for parents:

Click on the picture  to go to a web page to help you learn English online.

Aquí les dejo un enlace a la página de la Policia que nos da consejos sobre el uso de Internet.

El viaje de María, es un cortometraje de animación realizado por el dibujante Miguel Gallardo, padre de una hija con autismo. El viaje de María es una pequeña excursión al mundo interior de una adolescente con autismo, un viaje lleno de color, amor, creatividad y originalidad, que nace en el recorrido de unos padres que ven cómo su hija se comporta de una manera especial hasta confirmar el diagnóstico: autismo.

Go to this link to read about free classes in Cambridge, UK.

This video is in English but has subtitles. It's true that our children are missing out on an important part of life that will have consequences later on.

Go to this link to read an interesting article in Spanish about homework

Click on the picture to get some tips on how to help your children speak English.

Click on the photos to read these articles about how we are over protecting our children.

Summer Camps

Many parents ask me which companies I recommend for sending their children to England in the Summer. I think the best way to help your children learn English is for you to go for 2 weeks or more to England, find a day camp and stay near there, so that your children are with you in the evenings and in the daytime they are totally immersed in English. They are not going to speak English until they have the necessity, and if you send them to a day camp with other English children they are going to have to speak in English if they want to play and make friends. 
The camps are usually about 150 pounds per week per child, with some discounts for brothers or sisters, and many of them are actually checked by Ofsted which is the equivalent of Inspection here in Spain.
It's a much more economical option (and better for the children in my opinion because they are with you in the evenings) than any of the options where everything is organized from Madrid.
Here are some web pages for you to look at:

If you have the possibility of taking a couple of weeks off in July or August and staying in the UK then I think these are good options.


Here are some videos which explain some of the advantages of being bilingual.

How WhatsApp should not be used.....

Cinco consejos para regular el uso de los videojuegos en casa

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