Saturday, 30 January 2016


If you still have doubts about the zero conditional, watch this presentation and see if it helps you. And remember, ask me in class to explain again if you still don't understand.

Here are some more presentations about the first and second conditional which we are going to be working on in the next unit:

Spanish Civil War

Watch these videos to see real footage of the Spanish Civil War and understand more about it.

The First World War

Click on the tank to find out more information about World War One.

In the next unit in Social Sciences we're going to be learning about the 20th Century so here are some videos which to help you understand the First World War, but we shall be learning more about the Spanish Civil War in class.

A Brief History of World War 1
Explore history games on First World War at NeoK12
First World War - Footage
More history videos on World War 1 at NeoK12  
How Did WW1 Start?
Explore history videos on First World War at NeoK12  
Weapons and Technology of WW1
Explore history videos on World War 1 at NeoK12  
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