Sunday, 2 April 2017

Patience is a virtue

This month we're learning about the importance of having patience, and waiting for things without grumbling or interrupting. Listen to these stories to understand more.

And watch this video about the cookie monster from Sesame Street. Will he be able to wait long enough without eating the cookie so he can get two cookies? What do you think? What strategies does he use to have patience?

In this other Sesame Street video Zac Efron tries to explain patience too:

Here is a song you can sing along to, with Thomas the Tank Engine

And here is the speeded up version to make you laugh!

Here is a rap about waiting and having patience

Why don't you learn the moves to this dance?

Finally, here is a famous experiment to test children's patience. Would you be able to wait or would you eat the marshmallow?

Remember, PATIENCE is a VIRTUE, and GOOD things come to those who WAIT!
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