Click here to go to a page about the royal family in Spain: 

Here is a 3D mural we did  at school to help us learn the mountains and rivers!

Look at our work about the relief of Spain!

Watch this bilingual video to help you understand more about Spanish geography:

Click on the pictures to practise relief and hydrography of Spain for the exam on Friday:



Click on INTERACTIVE MAPS to go to a page which helps you to learn geography in several different languages.

Here is an exercise for my 4th year classes to do over Easter. Its about our next topic in Science which is 'The Organisation of a Community'.

Press here to learn more about the Autonomous Communities.

Play this game to learn about the relief of Spain

In Unit 10 we are going to learn about the rivers in Spain. Now you can practice them using this game. Have fun!!!

Click on the picture to read this article about the rivers in Spain

Here is a puzzle we did for practising the Autonomous Communities.

It's easy to make and you can use as many times as you want. You can even have competitions with your friends to see who finishes first!

We just finished the unit about relief in Spain and are now learning about the rivers. You can make a map of Spain in 3D like this one with plasticine and card to help you to remember the main mountain chains and rivers.

Here is one Carmen from 5A did over the holidays. It's amazing!

And look at these which Jaime from 4C did....

Here is some more project work from the 5th years:

Here is a wall chart we are doing which includes the rivers and mountains of Spain...

Here is another link for learning about Spain:


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