This week in History we've been learning more about Pablo Picasso's Guernica, and we did several murals in groups. Here you can see them.

Here are some posters we did in Art for a competition about Shakespeare. You might like to read some of his plays or watch them at the theatre.



William Shakespeare died on 23rd April 1616. To honour this, UNESCO established 23 April as the International Day of the Book. However, these dates refer to different days: Spain had adopted the Gregorian calendar in 1582, but England was still using the Julian calendar. Shakespeare's death on 23 April 1616 (Julian) was equivalent to 3 May 1616 (Gregorian). This was 10 days after Miguel de Cervantes was buried and 11 days after he died.

The 6th years created this wall chart to represent the Modern Age which is what we've been learning about so far this term. We also coloured some mini Christopher Columbus figures to decorate our classrooms. Hope you like it!


We've just finished learning about Ancient History. Look at this mural we did to remind us of all that we learnt about Celts, Iberians, Romans, Greeks, Phoenicians and Carthaginians.




Here is a wall display we did in the 4th year about the Egyptians last year. The pyramid is 3D and there are lots of little doors to open and discover information about them. We can learn a lot from history!


Look at this beautiful mural my workmate Alicia did for book day. Each flower has a quote or thought about reading.

I love it!


Here is our latest wall chart about Magnetism and Electricity - hope you like it!


Here is a photograph of the Peace Tree we made in 4A to celebrate School Peace Day (30th January). It's full of different worldwide religious symbols which the children decorated. We also did one in 4B which the children enjoyed making. Hope you like it!

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