Look at these Simple Machines by Gabriel and Marco from 4A!

Watch this video about Archimede's inventions:

Watch this boy explaining how an Archimede's Screw works:

This video will help you understand what a screw really is:

Click on the picture to go to a page showing you how to make hydraulic machines:

Watch these videos to understand more about Simple Machines:

An airplane is a complex machine. Watch this video to see all the airplanes which enter the area of Britain in one day.

Here are some videos about several kinds of simple machine:


This video shows you how to build a home made catapult out of materials you can find around the house. Have fun!

Go to these links to play some games about Simple Machines!

Click here to learn about some examples of simple machines!

Here is a simple machine created by Cristina and Lucia of 6B. It's fantastic!
It's a pulley created made from recycled materials. Anyone who brings me a simple machine created at home will get a positive mark!
So go on! Start creating!

Here's a video you can watch about Simple Machines:

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