Here are a few photos of London which I took on my last trip in August 2011:
 Traitor's Gate, Tower of London

 The Tower of London, where Anne Boleyn and others were decapitated.

 Tower Bridge

 Tower of London Guard

 Big Ben

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Try to identify the different places:
1) This place was built by the government in 1999 to celebrate the end of the millenium. It cost 700,000,000 pounds. It was not successful as an exhibition centre. It is now called 02 Arena.

2) This church was built by Sir Christopher Wren from 1675 to 1710 after it had been destroyed by the Great Fire of London in 1666. Prince Charles married Lady Diana there in 1981 and many famous weddings and funerals have taken place here, including that of Sir Winston Churchill - the Prime Minister of the UK during WWII.

3) This column was also built by Sir Christopher Wren (1671-1679). This thin 202 feet high column indicates the place where the Great Fire started.

4) This is one of the most important bridges in London. It was completed in 1894, after eight years of construction.People needed a bridge in the East of London and at the same time they wanted to allow boats and ships to travel up the Thames. That is why the bridge rises up right in the middle.

5) This site was built in 1078 by William I from France. Since then, it has been used as the home of the Crown Jewels, including all the crowns worn by kings and queens of England. Queen Elizabeth II still wears a crown which is kept there.

6) This modern wheel was put up as part of the millennium celebrations. People from all over the world have the possibility of having a 360º view of London.

7) The House of Lords and Commons was designed by Sir Charles Barry in 1834. This site also includes the most famous clock in London. It has kept exact time for the nation since it first started ticking in 1879 and is a symbol of Britain all around the world.

8) If you look across Parliament Square you can see the towers of the most important abbey in London. The oldest part is about 700 years old. British kings and queens are crowned there.

9) Outside this place you can see Palace Guards on horses. They cannot speak to anyone and must look straight ahead. The strange hats they wear are called bearskins. If the Royal Standard (national flag) is flying, the queen or king is at home. Queen Victoria was the first monarch to live in the palace when she became queen in 1837.

10)This house has been the official home of the Prime Minister since 1732.

Watch this video of London without the sound and see if you can name the famous landmarks.
Then watch the video with sound and check to see if you were right.
Where is the speaker from - is she English, Scottish, Irish, Australian or American?

We can use this video to help our pupils understand how life was in the past in London, and exploit it so that they can practise using the simple past and the 'used to' form. We can firstly ask them to spot differences in the way people dressed then and what we wear now. Then we could ask them about the transport and the forms used then and what we use nowadays. We can ask them to construct sentences:
In the past people used to wear hats every day and now we don't wear them so often.
In the past the women used to wear long dresses and skirts and nowadays they wear jeans and trousers.
In the past the most common form of transport was horse and cart or walking, and nowadays we use cars.
This activity would be adequate for 5th and 6th year primary pupils but could also be used for older pupils who could expand more on the questions.

Here is another video from the early 20th century:


Watch the video about the streets of London here, and answer the following questions:

1. In the video you see a taxi pass by - what colour are the traditional English cabs?

2. What colour are the buses?

3. Which side of the road do English people drive on?

4.What colours are the number plates on vehicles in England?

5.Do you think that immigrants are more integrated in London or England than in your country?

Here is a presentation of photographs of London in the 19th century.

Watch this video to find out about possible ghosts in the Tower of London!

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